Clarifying the dependency on the client-side object model (CSOM)

HPE Content Manager 8.30 Patch 1 Build 9088 SharePoint Integration

With the release of Content Manager 8.30 Patch 1 it was announced that the SharePoint integration would now require CSOM version 16 to be installed as a prerequisite.

Subsequent to this announcement a number of our customers have expressed concerns around the impact this would have on their other SharePoint applications that relied on CSOM version 15. This is particularly the case in SharePoint 2013 environments. 

In some scenarios, customers would have to install both CSOM 15 and 16 if they we’re running other applications on the same SharePoint server.

While Microsoft does not explicitly say this is an unsupported environment they recommend against running different versions of CSOM on the same server.

In an effort to clarify this situation and ensure consistency across all of our versions the HPE Engineering team has therefore decided to revert to CSOM 15 with the release of HPE Content Manager 8.3 Patch 3 in December, 2016. This will bring the HPE Content Manager 8.3x SharePoint Integration in line with our other releases which all depend on CSOM version 15.

Future versions of HPE Content Manager will be examining the new features of CSOM version 16 and will most likely be re-introduced when Microsoft stops supporting SharePoint 2013.

Customers who are currently on HPE Content Manager 8.3 Patch 1 or 2 and believe they have CSOM related issues should contact the HPE Support team via for further assistance.