SharePoint 2016 Support??

Many of our customers have raised concerns about what moving to SharePoint 2016 will look like, both from an on premise perspective and in Office 365, in particular how it will affect their implementation of HPE Records Manager with SharePoint.

Office365 – SharePoint online

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft introduced a cloud first strategy when it comes to SharePoint.  New features and bug fixes have been rolled out to SharePoint online on about a 3 monthly cadence.  The end result is that SharePoint online is now significantly different to SharePoint 2013 on premise.  You should think of SharePoint 2016 as almost a “catch up” release that brings to the on premise product, a number of (but not all) features that are available on line.

The dates that updates to the SharePoint online environment are made are not publically available.  It is not known how many more updates there will be to SharePoint online before the SharePoint 2016 on premise release but it would be safe to assume there is at least another one coming.

As a consumer of SharePoint online, you should not expect to see a massive change where yesterday you were on SharePoint 2013 and today you are on 2016.  It will just be another incremental change.  As such, there isn’t an upgrade event that you need to be concerned about.  We expect the governance and compliance app to just keep working across updates, but of course we will be testing this.

SharePoint 2016 on premise

From what we have seen from the SharePoint 2016 beta, there are no major changes to the core. We expect the HPE Records Manager Governance and Compliance app to just work in SharePoint 2016. We have tested version 8.3 of HPE Records Manager with the latest SharePoint 2016 beta.  So far, it just works.  We of course need to wait for the RTM version of SharePoint 2016 to test with that before giving a definitive decision on support.  It does look though, that we will have full support for SharePoint 2016 on premise with version 8.3 of HPE Records Manager.