What’s new in 8.3

HP Records Manager is now called HPE Records Manager following the separation of HP into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Version 8.3 of the product became publically available at the start of this week.  The video below is an overview of the new functionality in the product for SharePoint governance and compliance.

The notable changes for this release are:

Editable exposure: records exposed in SharePoint from records manager can now be edited

Configuration history: most product configuration now includes auditing of changes and the ability to view historical versions of the configuration

Auditing: the audit history of an item can be viewed in SharePoint including the management details used to manage content and the policy or user that managed it.  When the item is viewed through SharePoint, audit entries are captured on the record.  You can also see a summary of audit events from a list, site or site collection.

Trivial content identification: management rules can be configured to identify particular types of content as “trivial content”.  When content is identified in this way, it will not be managed. 

Prevention of system content management: the management of SharePoint system lists and content can now be suppressed (done by default)

Lifetime management policy improvements: the content type of an item can be used as a condition for LMPs

Management rule improvements: the content type of an item can be used as a condition in management rules.  The description of a list can also be used in conditions.