An uninformative error is received when there are HPE-RM Container issues

When there are issues during creating a site or list record the errors received are not very informative. The errors could be due to:

  • If the Site or List Record’s container level is not suitable

  • If the Site or List Record has numbering problems

The error will be received upon initiating a management process: ‘An error Unable to create the site record for this site therefore this item could not be managed. The details of the problem are: Failed to create a record in HP Records Manager’

To find out more detail about this error navigate to the installation directory and look in the SharePoint Integration log. There will be an entry that has a ‘AdditionalInformation’ field which will specify the details of the failure.

An example of this is:

AdditionalInformation - Site record is not created for the site CPE in site collection http://cpe2013sp:200 Failed to create a SiteRecord in HP TRIM using the record type Site Record Type.  The exception details from HP TRIM were: HP Records Manager failed to get the next available number. Check the value for the 'Start Numbering After' field in the 'Numbering' tab of the properties for Record Type : Site Record Type. This problem may sometimes be caused by two record types having the same number pattern.