Video - 8.1 HPRM Governance and Compliance app - Overview Presentation & Demonstration

There is a newer version of this presentation on the later blog article at:

We have produced a video presentation and demo (40 mins), giving a non-technical overview of the new 8.1 HPRM Governance and Compliance app for SharePoint.

The aim is to give a good solid understanding of:

  • The problems the app tackles
  • How the app addresses these problems
  • The features that are included to help you manage SharePoint content

Who should watch this?

  • Anyone who has an interest in the new 8.1 release
  • Organisations interested in how we can help provide governance and compliance for SharePoint
  • Existing customers who want to understand how 8.1 differs from previous releases, particularly in relation to the new architecture and lifetime management approach

Note that if you are an HP partner and wish to obtain a copy of the slide deck, please contact us either through your partner channel, or directly through the contact form.