8.1 patch 2 released

Patch 2 for 8.1 will be released in the coming days. There are some important updates in this release for the HPRM Governance and Compliance SharePoint app. This entry includes a summary of the changes.

The product supports upgrading to this release from 8.1. Note that you do not have to upgrade HPRM itself to take this version. You can just upgrade the SharePoint components if needed.

The version of the app is now You can upgrade the app, no need to remove it from the gallery and re add it.

The product is now globalised for the following languages:
• Dutch
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• Russian
Note that the installer is not globalized though.

Several updates have been made to the documentation including how to set the app icon so that it displays correctly even before it has been added to the site

Job queue corrections including:
• The applies to URL now works correctly
• The web application column removed
• The Site collection column is populated correctly
• The Server column is populated with the name of the server running the job

Deleting managed documents was not relocating the documents in some scenarios.

An enhancement has been made so that when deleting a list, only managed items are relocated instead of all items (ie non managed items are actually deleted).

The issue around validation of viewstate MAC failed error on some machines after clicking ok on management confirmation page has been fixed. This issue is described here: /blog/2014/7/9/validation-of-viewstate-mac-failed-error.html

In some scenarios a save conflict occurs when a change is made to the properties of a managed item. The message in this scenario says: “Save conflict Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by another user…”

In the log file, the ID of an error being logged is now included with the message.

Some time based LMPs would not execute correctly. Although the job runs, and the time condition has been satisfied, the content was not managed

HPRM columns were not always populated when added to a list. For example, if you add the record number column to a list that includes managed items, the value of the column does not always populate with the value from HPRM.

Site and list LMPs that used conditions based on the list or site template in some scenarios don’t mature despite matching the condition.

An item LMP created against a specific content type, but using common metadata (eg Title), is not respecting the content type, and is run against all content types on a site rather than just the items that are of that content type.

If you have lots of notes in a classification in HPRM, the config tool term set sync will fail with an error. This field is now truncated to prevent this error occurring.

When the record representing a SharePoint document is modified, in some scenarios the properties are not updated on the document in SharePoint.

If an LMP relocates a list, although the items are relocated, the list itself is not removed.

Updated the descriptions of some of the standard LMPs to remove encoding and provide details of required columns.