Error when attempting to save defaults

This post applies to HPRM 8.1 with SharePoint 2013

When using the configuration tool to save defaults, if you come across an error “The app Id entered is not valid…” then here are the steps to resolving this.

This error can occur in two known scenarios.  The first is that the app ID entered is actually incorrect.  You can test that the app ID entered is correct by navigating to: 

[your site collection] /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx

In the “App ID” text box put in what you think the app ID is and use the “lookup” button.  If the app ID is valid, it will find your app.


If it doesn’t find your app, then the app ID is actually wrong and the error is telling you the right thing. 

Another scenario where this will occur is if the configuration tool just can’t communicate with the site collection.  This can occur if SharePoint is using https but you have disabled the use of https when configuring SharePoint 2013 to use certificates and configure trust for your app (section 2.5.3 in the installation guide).  This section discusses removing the following entry from the script: 

$serviceConfig.AllowOAuthOverHttp = $true 

This section of the document states:

You should remove this entry before running the script except when one or more of the following is true:

  • The certificate used to configure high trust is a self-signed certificate
  • You intend to use http as the protocol for connection with HPRM.

It should also include:

  • You intend to use http as the protocol for SharePoint

If the URL used to access the SharePoint site collection uses http, then the AllowOAuthOverHttp must be set to true. 

The installation document will be updated to reflect this change.