What's new in 8.1.1 - New Release!

Version 8.1.1 of HPRM has been released. There are some significant additions included in the HPRM Governance and Compliance SharePoint app that are worth taking a look at.

In summary, these are:

• Security and access control application to SharePoint content

• Capture of SharePoint permissions as access controls

• DoD 5015 certification

• New column types allowing selection of records, locations and classifications

• Support for One Drive for Business

• Ability to set related records

• Ability to add contacts

• Ability to inject custom code into the management process

You can upgrade to version 8.1.1 of the app without necessarily having to upgrade HPRM from version 8.1 (although there are some changes required for full support for security)


We have introduced the ability to lock down SharePoint content in accordance with any security levels, caveats and access controls that are applied to the content. These can be set using columns on the item in SharePoint themselves, or on the record directly in HPRM.

Additionally, any permissions that have been set on items in SharePoint can be captured as access controls on records when they are created.

Security is turned off by default so even if you upgrade, you will not notice a change in behaviour unless you explicitly turn security on. A new section on the app start page provides access to the settings page.

Image 1.png

The security settings page is used to enable the various security behaviours:

To allow better fault finding and understanding of what is happening with security, we have introduced a new page known as the “Security details” page.

Image 3.png

This page allows you to easily see what the HPRM security and SharePoint permissions are.

Image 4.png
Image 5.png

DoD certification

This version has successfully undergone DoD 5015.2 testing. At the time of writing the blog, the certification has not yet been listed on the JITC web site but we are expecting to see it there in the coming weeks. http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/cgi/rma/reg.aspx

This makes the HPRM Governance and Compliance app one of only three products certified for SharePoint 2013.

Support for One Drive for Business

Content in One Drive for Business can be managed by the HPRM Governance and Compliance app. This actually works with version 8.1, but 8.1.1 includes the official documentation around how to do this.

Image 6.png

New column types

Several new column types have been created to support the selection of records, locations and classifications. In addition, the “read only” column type is now included. These types are used by the HPRM columns created by the configuration tool and are available for use in any of your content types:

Image 7.png
Image 8.png

There are two classification columns created. The first uses the classification managed metadata. This has always been available but previously you needed to create the column yourself. This column is not filtered and all classifications will be shown to a user. The advantage of this column is that it can be used in Microsoft Office products.

The second column shows filtered classifications, ie the end user will see only the classifications that they have permission to use in HPRM.

Image 9.png

Read only columns such as record number no longer allow a user to edit the value.

Image 10.png

Relationships and contacts

From the management details page, you can now access dialogs that allow you to manage the list of related records, and the list of contacts associated with the record.

Image 11.png
Image 12.png

Management injectors

You can now write a custom component that will be called by the management process to allow the injection of custom behaviour. This allows injection of custom code:

• Just prior to the record being created

• Just after the record is created but before updating SharePoint

• Just prior to a record being updated

• Just after the record is updated but before updating SharePoint

This type of component is known as a management injector. Use of a management injector allows the modification of the management process to suit your organization when other configuration options are not capable of satisfying requirements.

Performance improvements

The job processor now allows specifying for a workgroup server, how many jobs it can process simultaneously.

Image 13.png

This allows modification of the workload on a server by server basis to tailor it to the capabilities of the server and available performance.

Additionally, jobs are now prioritised so that administrative style jobs are performed after more immediate jobs have completed/

Support for multiple farms

Prior to 8.1.1, when an organization had multiple SharePoint farms, only the HPRM "paired" approach was supported:

Image 14.png

This required a HPRM farm to be created for each SharePoint farm being managed.

8.1.1 introduces support for the “shared” HPRM farm architecture.

Image 15.png

In certain scenarios, this can save on the number of servers required to manage multiple farms.

Product stabilization

A number of bugs have been corrected in this release. In addition, several areas of the product have been improved to improve performance and reliability.