Two more great video presentations from TUF

Grab videos of two key SharePoint Integration presentations from TUF, hot off the press!

The first is a video of the “Best practices for the HP TRIM SharePoint Integration” presentation given by Jaimie Tilbrook at TUF last week.  It runs for just over 30 mins and may help you with planning your implementation.

Best practices

The second video from TUF, also presented by Jaimie Tilbrook, is a session titled “Information management for SharePoint using HP TRIM”.  The following video is of a very similar presentation he did at HP Discover last year and covers everything in the TUF session, plus a few additional things.

If you are struggling to understand how SharePoint and HP TRIM both fit into your organisation, this presentation will help you to understand this.

Information management for SharePoint using HP TRIM

Enjoy! And don't forget, if you have any questions please either jump in on the comments, or contact me directly.