Video Training Series - Records Management Options - Part 1

As a team we are constantly working on new ways to engage with the field, and to provide greater understanding of how to successfully implement and use the HP TRIM SharePoint Integration.

As a result, we have always used videos as a useful internal training & enablement aide, and have now decided to extend this to the outside world.

This is the first of a series of training videos, focussing on management configuration. That is, configuration related to how content is managed, as opposed to system or post-installation configuration.

The initial plan is to release the following videos, although this is subject to change (And we welcome feedback & requests for topics):

  • Records Management Options (RMOs)
    • Part 1 – RMO Configuration
    • Part 2 – Understanding Inheritance & Templates
  • The Information Lifecycle & Core Processes
  • Lifetime Management
  • Exposure
  • The Content Organizer

Anyway, on to the video. It's 27 minutes, but well worth a watch(In my opinion anyway!):

And some thanks are due to a couple of members on the team. Adam Nason, as he did some awesome work on some of the content in this video. And to Jaimie Tilbrook, for inspiration and review.

Please feel free to comment and feed back on this, we want to make sure we produce both compelling, useful and relevant content.

I'm also considering whether or not to reproduce some of this content in a detailed post format, let me know if this is something you would find useful.