Hi, I'm Dan Theobald, a Business Analyst working within the HP Information Management team

My passion, and area of expertise is very much within the Microsoft SharePoint space. I have been working with SharePoint since the 2003 days. Having spent a bunch of time in the field, evangelising, demonstrating, selling and implementing SharePoint, I decided to move into a much more focused role within HP.

I have been working at HP for just over 7 years covering pre-sales, product management and now engineering, for the HP Records Manager SharePoint integration.

I now work directly on the SharePoint Integration engineering team as a business analyst. My primary goal is to ensure that we continue to develop our products & strategy in-line with what our customers need to successfully manage their SharePoint content. However, as one of the visionaries and solution designers, I'm dedicated to sharing insights, tips & tricks with our customer & partner base to ensure they get maximum benefit from what I believe is a leading information management solution for SharePoint.