8.3 patch 1 requires version 16 of the SharePoint client components

8.3 patch 1 for the SharePoint governance and compliance app requires an update to the Microsoft Client Components.  Version 16 is the minimum required version (this was omitted from the product documentation).

If you do not upgrade the client components, you will see issues manifesting in the configuration tool, web services and application pages with the following error:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

The resolution to this issue is to install version 16 of the client components.  This can be downloaded from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42038

Configuration pages fail after a recent Windows Update

Windows update KB3134814 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3134814) makes an update to Internet Explorer that causes some controls on SharePoint configuration pages to fail. This will effect the SharePoint Governance and Compliance App versions 8.1.X, 8.2.X and 8.3.0

For example, on the Default Integration Settings page, if you try to select a record type, no value is entered in the control regardless of what value you select. 


This problem was first reported on the column mapping page.

For users of 8.3, the imminent 8.3 patch 1 resolves the issue.  For users of earlier versions, we plan to release a hotfix in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, for users who need to perform configuration, do not download this update (or remove it if you have it already). 

Configuration Overview

We talk about HPE Records Manager governing SharePoint content automatically and without end users having to make conscious records management decisions.  This is achieved through the use of lifetime management policies to govern what content is managed and when it is managed, as well as the definition of rules that determines how the record is creating in HPE Records Manager.

The video below provides a demonstration of many of the configuration options of the SharePoint governance and compliance app as it walks through a practical example going from no management through to full automated records management of a SharePoint list.

There is an assumption in this video that you are familiar with:

  • Basic record management concepts
  • Working with content in SharePoint
  • The "management" concept of the HPE RM Governance and Compliance app

If these concepts are not familiar to you then I recommend watching the video here first:

Technical Architecture

SharePoint 2013 introduced the "app model" as the approach for integrating with SharePoint.  We often get asked for an overview of how this architecture works.

A "provider hosted" app puts only a small file into the app catalog to describe things like the ribbon buttons and where the external server is located.  All the "heavy lifting" is done by the HPE Records Manager server, not the SharePoint server.

We often get asked to explain the product architecture to partners and customers and have produced a short video (below) that should answer these types of questions.

SharePoint 2016 Support??

Many of our customers have raised concerns about what moving to SharePoint 2016 will look like, both from an on premise perspective and in Office 365, in particular how it will affect their implementation of HPE Records Manager with SharePoint.

Office365 – SharePoint online

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft introduced a cloud first strategy when it comes to SharePoint.  New features and bug fixes have been rolled out to SharePoint online on about a 3 monthly cadence.  The end result is that SharePoint online is now significantly different to SharePoint 2013 on premise.  You should think of SharePoint 2016 as almost a “catch up” release that brings to the on premise product, a number of (but not all) features that are available on line.

The dates that updates to the SharePoint online environment are made are not publically available.  It is not known how many more updates there will be to SharePoint online before the SharePoint 2016 on premise release but it would be safe to assume there is at least another one coming.

As a consumer of SharePoint online, you should not expect to see a massive change where yesterday you were on SharePoint 2013 and today you are on 2016.  It will just be another incremental change.  As such, there isn’t an upgrade event that you need to be concerned about.  We expect the governance and compliance app to just keep working across updates, but of course we will be testing this.

SharePoint 2016 on premise

From what we have seen from the SharePoint 2016 beta, there are no major changes to the core. We expect the HPE Records Manager Governance and Compliance app to just work in SharePoint 2016. We have tested version 8.3 of HPE Records Manager with the latest SharePoint 2016 beta.  So far, it just works.  We of course need to wait for the RTM version of SharePoint 2016 to test with that before giving a definitive decision on support.  It does look though, that we will have full support for SharePoint 2016 on premise with version 8.3 of HPE Records Manager.

An uninformative error is received when there are HPE-RM Container issues

When there are issues during creating a site or list record the errors received are not very informative. The errors could be due to:

  • If the Site or List Record’s container level is not suitable

  • If the Site or List Record has numbering problems

The error will be received upon initiating a management process: ‘An error Unable to create the site record for this site therefore this item could not be managed. The details of the problem are: Failed to create a record in HP Records Manager’

To find out more detail about this error navigate to the installation directory and look in the SharePoint Integration log. There will be an entry that has a ‘AdditionalInformation’ field which will specify the details of the failure.

An example of this is:

AdditionalInformation - Site record is not created for the site CPE in site collection http://cpe2013sp:200 Failed to create a SiteRecord in HP TRIM using the record type Site Record Type.  The exception details from HP TRIM were: HP Records Manager failed to get the next available number. Check the value for the 'Start Numbering After' field in the 'Numbering' tab of the properties for Record Type : Site Record Type. This problem may sometimes be caused by two record types having the same number pattern.

8.2 - 8.3 App Upgrade Challenges

It has been observed that in some instances after an upgrade from 8.2 to 8.3 the app will not upgrade completely.

If this issue occurs the List Ribbons Records Manager icons will be the old icons and there will be no option of ‘Audit History’ in the List Tab > HPE Records Manager icon.

The Ribbon icons will remain like this (purple and blue pictures and no audit option):

To complete the upgrade the app must be removed and re-added to the site and the browser cache will need to be cleared. The steps are:

  1. Remove the app from the site

  2. Add the App to the site

  3. Clear browser cache

  4. Restart the browser

After the above steps are preformed the Ribbon icons will look like the below screenshot and there will be an ‘Audit History’ option and the pictures will be green and purple:

This appears to be an issue with the SharePoint app upgrading process.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings

When Internet Explorer (IE) is set to display intranet sites in Compatibility view mode issues are seen. The problems are seen when populating the Default Integration Settings with Record Types, a script error will be received and it is not possible to set the Record Types.

An example of the error:

To correct this issue it is advisable to disable ‘Compatibility View’ mode in IE. To do this:

1. Navigate to Compatibility View Settings by opening IE > press Alt > Tools > Compatibility View Settings:


2. If ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’ or ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility View’ are selected untick them:

3. The page will refresh and the error will no longer be present